Elizabeth and Amy

Elizabeth and Amy are a couple of pretty cool chicks. They both spend a lot of their time practicing Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music. It’s not easy, Adam and I both tried it and we were sore for days. They love the culture of Brazil which, from what I’ve seen, has awesome music, delicious food and amazing people.

During the ceremony they wanted to involve everyone there. They explained how they met, a little of their story and how much everyone there means to them. Then they passed their rings to all their guests so that everyone could give them a personal blessing and walked to each person to thank them for being there in a more personal way. If you think of the word ceremony as having rituals and expressing a significant event, this ceremony had that feeling of deep importance and love.

  1. Ada S Horsley
    Jul 18th

    Shawna & Adam you both did an awesome job! It was nice as a MOM to see the results of your hard work of my two beautiful daughters. Thank you for allowing us ALL to see these beautiful pictures.