Frequent Questions

What’s it like to work with us?

Well, after booking us to be your wedding photographers we will first set aside a time to shoot your engagement photos.  So that we can best capture your personalities and interests we keep the engagement session casual, fun, and often we incorporate things that show who you guys are, like if you’re into surfing or playing guitar together, or want to include your dogs in the shoot.  Once we’re finished with editing your photos, we’ll have you come into the studio so that we can share in the experience of you guys seeing your pictures for the first time.  We usually do this over some cheese and crackers and a nice glass of cabernet.

As we get closer to the big day, we’ll be reaching out to you to go over all the little details of the day: the timeline, where are you getting your hair and makeup done, etc.  We do this within 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding and then provide you with a document that has the whole timeline written down, the names of the family members, as well as the family group photos we’ll be capturing.  In this way we’re almost like wedding coordinators….almost.

On the day of the wedding we’ll be with you pretty much the whole time.  Don’t worry, we’re not in your face or anything.  We operate ninja-style focusing mostly on capturing beautiful moments.  Before or after the ceremony we’ll photograph you guys with your families and wedding party, and then get some creative portraits of you and yours.  Our mission is to create fine art you’d be happy to display in your house for many years.  When we’re photographing your creative portraits, we will pose and direct you, at the same time having it look and feel natural, keeping it fun and making sure you’re comfortable.  We’re easy like that.

Following your big day you’ll get to go on your honeymoon and we’ll wish we were taking a trip as well.  But we’ll be back at home editing your images and getting them ready to show off.  When that day arrives, we’ll send your images your way, knowing that we’ve done more than just clicked our cameras, we’ve provided you an experience you’ll always remember and images that will always remind you of that amazing day you said “I Do”.

What do we get?

After your wedding we cull down the full set of images into a smaller “best of” set. For example, we may shoot between 3000 – 4000 images at your wedding. Many of these are very similar to each other, so we select the single “best” image from that group, and include those in the final set. Also, during each family formal photo, we take about 9 images to be sure we capture one with everyone’s eyes opened. We include the one shot into the final set. Our average is to deliver between 600 – 1000 photos in the final set, and this is influenced mainly by the hours of coverage and the number of locations we shot at. The final set of images we deliver have all been edited to for white balance, contrast, and color tone. Additional editing services are available at $100/hour for things like smoothing out skin blemishes, advanced editing and special effects, and upsizing for enlargement. The final set of images will be JPG files sized at 1800 x 2400 pixels, 300 dpi. A copyright release allowing you to print your images at any lab is included with all of our wedding packages.