Tim and Kathryn

Tim and Kathryn are another couple we felt a lot of similarities to: both had recently graduated from San Francisco State (my alma mater), they love to travel (they just got back from a 6 week honeymoon to Bali and Thailand), and they love dogs. We shot their engagement session in San Francisco, which was a lot of fun and a different scene for us. While on their honeymoon in Bali, Kathryn fell down a slope and injured her foot pretty badly, but they still had a great time and didn’t let that affect their honeymoon. Congratulations Tim and Kathryn!

P.S. The “Kathryn” artwork show in the image above where it says Tim & Kathryn was a doodle that Tim showed me from one of his notebooks.  He was sitting in class one day thinking about Kathryn who by then had moved back to San Diego while Tim finished school.  He made this doodle in class.  When I saw it I knew I had to somehow use it in their images.

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