Danny and Elizabeth – Balboa Park Engagement

Danny B, as I’ve always known him, is one of my brother’s longest friends, going back to when they went to San Diego State together, back in the late 80’s. Wow, I remember visiting them when they lived in the dorms (El Conquistador….aka El Conq). That could be a whole separate blog post. Every few years I saw Danny at various events that my brother was at. Well, my brother mentioned a few months back that Danny B was getting married in Cape Cod, of all places. Shawna lived in Cape Cod up until January 2011. I called Danny B and we got to talking about his lovely fiance Elizabeth, and about their wedding in the Cape. Danny and Elizabeth’s story was so similar to mine and Shawna’s; he’s from the west coast, she’s from the east coast. Because Danny B and Elizabeth live in LA, we set up a skype call and talked for a long time. We had a lot in common and felt like we knew them so well because their story was so similar to ours.

Danny B and Elizabeth will be married on September 9th in Cape Cod. Interestingly, Shawna used to work at the venue where they will marry.