Mark + Becky :: Seattle Wedding

Shawna and I photographed Mark and Becky’s Seattle wedding in August and the weather was spectacular.  We had so much in common with Mark and Becky which made us all the more excited to shoot their wedding and celebrate with them.  Becky is a nutrition consultant who practices yoga regularly.  When she told us that she had planned a private yoga session the morning of the wedding we thought to ourselves what a perfect way to relax and to connect with your family and friends who are sharing the session with you.  Shawna, an avid yoga practitioner herself, was even able to join the yoga practice with Becky and her ladies.  I was seated outside of the room and could feel the intensity during the meditation at the end of their practice.  Shawna explained what happened: at the end of their session, the girls were seated in a circle with Becky in the middle.  They went around the circle and each one meditated on her love for Becky and reflected that back into Becky at the center.  Shawna, who had only known Becky for a short time, felt the energy and the love in the room.  With all of her closest girls around her, Becky started crying, having received the love from her closest friends and family and feeling thankful for their contribution to making her the woman she is.

My connection with Mark goes back about 6 years when both worked at a software consulting company in Bellevue, Washington.  Although our similarities originated from our tech-nerdiness, we also share a love for the outdoors, backpacking, adventure, and travel.  Mark takes an annual hunting trip to Alaska with his best friends.  He’s also travelled with Becky to Nepal, Thailand, France, Turkey, Baja California, and Greece.  Becky studied yoga in Bali for 8 weeks before meeting Mark in Thailand on their trip to Thailand and Nepal.  Mark also used to be a professional skier and is well known in the Whistler community in BC.