Kathryn + Tim :: A San Francisco Engagement

Kathryn found out about us from Emily Davis, whose wedding to Kevin we photographed in September 2011. When Kathryn contacted us, Shawna and I were in Seattle to shoot Mark and Becky’s wedding so we set up a Skype call with Kathryn and her fiancĂ© Tim who live in San Francisco. The wifi connection at Starbucks was pretty awful but even so we had a good rapport and after the call ended I told Shawna it was just like talking with friends. Both Kathryn and Tim were finishing up at San Francisco State, my alma mater, but fortunately we had a trip planned to San Francisco in October for my 20th high school reunion. So we planned on shooting their engagement photos on the same trip. Although I grew up in the Bay Area, I didn’t spend much time in Golden Gate Park as a kid, so Kathryn suggested we walk around Stow Lake and then I suggested we finish up at the Palace of Fine Arts. San Francisco is such a beautiful city, it’s funny how sometimes it takes leaving where you grew up to find its beauty.

  1. sean
    May 3rd

    great stuff guys!!

  2. sean
    May 3rd

    beautiful work!!!