Kate + BJ :: An Ocean Beach Engagement

I met Kate and BJ via Carey and Allen, whose wedding I shot in August 2010.  After Carey and Allen’s wedding, I went over to their house for their wedding photo reveal, and that’s where I met Kate and BJ.  Several months later they contacted me to shoot their wedding.  Since we all live in Ocean Beach, we decided to shoot their engagement session here in OB.  I hadn’t done that many sessions in OB, but I wanted the photos to represent OB’s character.  It’s such a colorful place, mixed with interesting people – great restaurants, beautiful beaches, and a laid back vibe where it’s not uncommon to see random fireworks being set off any time.

About Kate and BJ – they are both transplants from Connecticut so Shawna connected with their east coast roots right away.  At the end of the session, they asked us to get a picture of them inside Ciao Bella, one of my favorite restaurants in OB.  They introduced us to Francesco, I recommend that everyone cruising through OB stop in and meet Francesco – the super nice and crazy energetic Italian who owns Ciao Bella.  Afterwards we went to the Harp where BJ introduced me to a great east coast beer.

We’re looking forward to their August 2012 wedding!