About Me:

I am first and foremost a student of life. I am a traveler, an adventurer. I find inspiration in the journey, as well as the destination. Each new person I meet becomes an integral part of my artistic evolution; sharing their moments, stories, and secrets. From magazines to vintage stores to a simple moment in my day, I constantly collect new ideas and concepts to fulfill my never ending urge to create. Seeping into my artistic process; every image created is filled with inspiration from my experiences.

Photography is my passion; now more than ever. I pursue the images unseen, the small fleeting moments. I pursue it as a profession and as a lifestyle. The more I learn and the more I photograph the stronger the attraction becomes. I am inspired by where photography has been and where it is headed. I am an artist, a lover of light, of vivacious colors, emotions, expressions. I cherish the variety of my job, and believe that every couple presents a fresh opportunity to infuse my experience with their love. I am excited by where my work has taken me but even more excited as to where it may lead.

Check out some weddings I’ve photographed

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