More about Shawna

“Tell mom and dad I went to Mexico.” This is what I told my little brother almost ten years ago when I decided on a whim to go by myself to southern Mexico. I was leaving that night and didn’t have a travel book or a real plan. But I knew I wanted an adventure and was pretty sure I’d find it there.  And that was the beginning of the rest of my life.

It’s the challenges I love, learning a new landscape and cultural differences. Having a conversation with someone when you don’t speak the same language. It’s exhilarating and eye opening.

I also love the challenges that nature can offer. There’s nothing better than getting into the woods, or the desert for a good hike or a trip to the ocean which is constantly swirling with energy that anyone can become immersed in. Some of my favorite moments happen when I’m out surfing and the sun has just set. Pure beauty.

To balance out my getting out and finding adventure side I do love to be at home. A few of my favorite things are cooking, getting buried in a pile of good books, red wine, music and of course dancing in the kitchen.


  1. Gary & Courtney
    May 9th

    LOVE this image of you Shawna!