Shanley + Josh

Adam met Shanley when he shot her sister’s wedding in November 2009. Now that it was Shanley’s turn we were more than excited to be a part of her wedding.

She got ready at her parents house that felt like a little farm. I loved it immediately. There were animals everywhere and I felt at home. Growing up on the east coast I spent a lot of time on family farms with horses, cows, and chickens. I thought it was the coolest to be able to just hang out with the animals and maybe get an egg or two a day if your lucky.

Her family is very close and it brought tears to my eyes when her father saw her for the first time in her wedding dress.

We were in a small room when he came in. He looked at Shanley and was speechless for a minute until he managed to say how beautiful she looked.

There was an old song playing in the background, he walked up to his daughter, took her hands in his and started to dance.

It was one of the sweetest moments I have seen.