Lake Tahoe, July 2011

Every summer my dad and step-mom rent a house for a few months in north Lake Tahoe.  Growing up in the Bay Area, I always loved Lake Tahoe but I guess I didn’t really get how incredible it was to have this beautiful and unique spot so close to home.  Tahoe isn’t that far from San Diego – just a 9-10 hour drive.  When we went there last July we decided to split up the drive into 2 days.  This was the first time I drove on the eastern side of the Sierra and it was gorgeous!  The mountains rise quickly to the west of highway 395.  The abrupt ascent out of the desert amplifies the mountain’s power and awe.  We camped in Bishop overnight and the kids had a blast making s’mores and as you can see from the photos we were goofing around and laughing the whole time.  The next day we finished our drive into Tahoe and had a great week visiting with my parents, as well as Shawna’s brother who lives there.  The world is such a big and beautiful place with so many great places to explore.

  1. Sean Thompson
    May 9th

    I LOVE Lake beautiful..both summer and winter. Great shots guys!