Joey and Lacey – A Twin Oaks Wedding

In the 4 years I’ve been a wedding photographer, there have fortunately been only two occasions where it rained during a wedding ceremony. Joey and Lacey were married on March 25th at the Twin Oaks Wedding Estate in San Marcos and the weather forecast for the day was for a huge storm to hit around the same time their ceremony was to begin. But bad weather wasn’t gonna stop them from a beautiful ceremony in Twin Oaks’s garden. Fortunately the rain stayed fairly mild during the ceremony and they didn’t seem to even notice that it was raining at all. They were so focused on each other and the moment that it probably could have been snowing and they wouldn’t have noticed. And the whole day turned out much better for Lacey than the result of the character she played on Dexter last season.

Right when the ceremony ended and the couple was safely tucked away in Twin Oaks’s Schoolhouse, the sky let loose and it rained a ton. What a difference in weather 10 minutes made. Shawna and I took it as an opportunity to get some interesting shots using back-flash to capture the drops of rain in the air.